Founder / Artist / Architect
Oleg started his career in architecture. He studied 6 years in Moscow Architectural University and founded his own firm in 2015, that was mostly doing commercial interior design.
Now he is concentrating on his personal art projects, that's are about parametric art and design, that influences a big range of objects, like cars, clothing, furniture ect. Some of the projects, made by Oleg, stays in the concept stage or becomes a print series and some are fabricated by different digital fabrication techniques by CNC machines, 3d printers ect.
Oleg is always experimenting with newest technologies and tools like Virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, ect.
Oleg is researching different methods of proceduraly generated digital substance, because he believes that this forms will be very popular in future. And he is actively promoting this concept. Name of the concept is After-Form. Oleg is always open to collaboration and he already has a lot of art collaborations with big companies and artists like IBM, Adobe, Olgilvy&Mather, Joris Laarman.
The most known Oleg's project is parametric furniture series. Oleg founded his own manufacture that produces furniture of his design. You can find his objects all over the world, in New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Dubai, Sinapore, at the "New Arbat" - one of the main streets of Moscow, and 65 benches in Muscat international airport in Oman.


AFTER - FORM is a concept.

Parametricism, as known as algorithmic or procedural method, gives us opportunity to construct complex algorithms using math and logic operations. By mixing, changing, hypertrophy different physical and logical processes, author creates a process of merging his inner creative perception with basic algorithms, that lays deep inside the universe structure.

Management of parameters and algorithms is carried out by man, and only his ideas of beauty define the timing of completion of the endless process of modeling. That's why technology only helps creativity, but do not replace it. The parametric technology allows to generate a self-organizing system, that is, to open the essence of the universe as an infinite variety of possible self-organizing systems.

Forms created in this process transforming into their third state. This state of the form Oleg calls After-Form
This state is between the bare natural algorithms and their perception by man.

After-Form is not image in mind or complete natural form this is the form state during the transition between of them. Transformation, fluidity, incompleteness, self-organization are inherent to this forms and images.

His mission is to create and bring to our reality images and forms, that was impossible to create with traditional methods to create new form language and promote the development of parametricism style.
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